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If you stop to think about it our lives are full of rituals. Baptisms, wedding, and funerals all have elements of ritual within the ceremony – for example the lighting of candles, exchange of wedding rings, throwing earth onto a coffin. Every day you might follow your own rituals, perhaps starting the day with a cup of tea.

With a celebrant you can create an amazing personalised celebratory ceremony by combining the traditional elements of music, reading and poetry. But if you want to add an extra dimension to the sense of occasion and to enhance the essence of your celebration, adding a symbolic ritual you can take your ceremony to a different level. For the participants a suitable ritual adds a uniquely personal touch. For the observers a symbolic ritual will make your ceremony the standout one they will remember for years.

Symbolic rituals used in modern ceremonies might have an historic background. For example, at weddings a handfasting ceremony where the couple “ties the knot”. A modern handfasting ceremony can be completely personalised to reflect the couple.

If an established symbolic ritual isn’t quite right, you can work with a celebrant to create your very own. A good celebrant has an excellent imagination and creative skills for exactly this sort of challenge. Imagine the fun of devising your very own ritual?

If you are questioning whether having a ritual at your ceremony would be far too serious don’t worry. There are plenty of symbolic rituals that are fun to do but don’t lose the message you want to convey.

So whatever celebratory ceremony you are planning – wedding, civil partnership, vow renewal or naming ceremony, discuss with your celebrant whether a symbolic ritual could be the perfect enhancement to make it extra special.

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