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So... what actually is a Celebrant?

In recent years an increasing level of the UK population no longer holds strong religious beliefs. As a result more people wish to celebrate or mark key life events in their own way. This is where a celebrant comes in. A celebrant is a person who has trained to conduct different types of ceremonies from weddings and baby namings to funerals and memorial services. With the help of a celebrant you have the freedom to devise your own unique ceremony using an "our day, our way approach." A celebrant will work collaboratively with the couple or family through from first planning to conducting the ceremony itself to make sure their dreams and wishes are fulfilled. When you use a celebrant there is so much more freedom of choice. For example with a celebrant-led wedding ceremony you can include multicultural aspects or a unity ceremony to tell your love story. The constraints of a church wedding or full ceremony conducted by a registrar do not allow this flexibility. For a funeral or memorial service it is possible to mix religious with non-religious elements, or be entirely secular.

So if you are about to start planning a ceremony speak to a celebrant to explore how it could take shape. I would be very happy to have a provisional chat with you about your life event so please feel free contact me.

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