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Designing Your Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

The beauty of deciding to have a celebrant led wedding ceremony is that you, the couple, have a full range of choice about the when, where, and how it takes place.

But what does that mean in practice?

A wedding celebrant will help you to put together a ceremony that is as traditional or unconventional as you want. There are so many variations. In this blog I give three examples of different styles of celebrant wedding ceremonies.

Some couples want to have a ceremony that broadly follows the traditional pattern. But they want to enjoy the freedom to make their ceremony as long as they want and include music, readings, or other content without being dictated to. These couples might wish to take a traditional element and make it much more personalised. For example, by devising a novel way for the wedding rings to be delivered for their ring exchange.

For other couples, designing the content of their ceremony is intrinsically linked to the location they have chosen. For example, in a woodland setting the couple might want the ceremony structure and content to be much less formal. The lay-out for the ceremony might be different to reflect this. Perhaps, with guests sitting around the couple in a horseshoe or circle instead of traditional rows of seats.

Then there is the themed wedding ceremony. From Disney characters, or cult films to historical eras like the 1920s, the couple want their ceremony to embrace their theme. The celebrant’s skill lies in weaving elements of the theme into the content of the ceremony.

Whatever style a couple chooses, any celebrant wedding ceremony can be enhanced by adding a symbolic ritual. Something long established like handfasting, or a symbolic ritual created especially for that couple.

The most important thing to remember if you are going to have a celebrant wedding ceremony is that your celebrant will work closely with you to design exactly what you want for your big day.

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