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Have you considered planning your own funeral Service?

Many people are aware of pre-purchased funeral plans. These cover the cost of the arrangements but do not pre-plan the actual content of the funeral service.

Usually, this responsibility falls on the family of the deceased to plan after the death of their loved one. Sometimes the family know the deceased’s wishes, but often they are making an educated guess because it wasn’t actually discussed.

More people who are aware of their impending death due to a terminal diagnosis are choosing to play an active part in planning the content of their own funeral service.

By engaging a celebrant, you can work closely together to create a funeral service with the exact tone, style, and content that you want. Who better to give the information for your eulogy than yourself? You can get to know the person who will deliver your service when the time comes. This can be a huge comfort.

Far from being morbid, this sort of pre-planning can be liberating and cathartic for the person approaching the end of life. It can take emotional strain off of those who will be left behind.

You may be in the early stages of thinking about pre-planning your own funeral service. If you would like to have an initial discussion, please contact me.

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