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Wedding Ceremonies: Second time around

Although every ceremony I help to create and deliver is unique, there is something different about working with a couple to plan their ceremony when it is the second time around. Having been in that group, my older self and my now husband had a completely different take on the type of ceremony we wanted.

Most couples embarking on their second wedding come from the time when the choices for weddings were church or register office and nearly every wedding day followed a similar pattern.

Age and life experiences seem to empower the second time around couples to do exactly what they want and how they want, not just for the ceremony, but for the whole wedding day. So more often than not the pressures of having elements at the wedding to please others melt away.

As a celebrant this makes the creative process for a second time around ceremony really exciting and challenging at the same time. Every single element of the ceremony is there by deliberate choice and generally because it is very significant. There is no “blueprint” for second weddings. This is exciting too – the couple may feel that they were constrained first time around and want something flamboyant to reflect their personalities. Or the ceremony needs to be extremely intimate because only the very closest friends and family are being included in this part of the couple’s journey.

Finding love for the second time is very special. Helping to create a ceremony that tells that love story is a real honour.

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