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You’re engaged …………… now for the wedding planning!

For many couples planning the wedding is so exciting. You will visit venues, test menus, speak to photographers, florists, cake makers – the list seems endless! But what about your actual wedding ceremony? Even though celebrant wedding ceremonies are becoming much more popular many couples (and many venues) simply do not know about them. When I tell people I am a wedding celebrant the most common response is “what’s that?” This means that a lot of couples think they have limited choices for their wedding ceremony – a traditional church wedding, a register office wedding, or a wedding conducted by a registrar at a licensed venue. So, it is a common belief that if you are not religious the default position is the registrar. But the element of choice with any registrar ceremony is limited. For example, the ceremony time allowed is typically around 20 minutes. Religious content is forbidden. There is a choice of pre-written vows. For a lot of couples those constraints are not a problem. But because we are such a multi-cultural society there is a sense that more couples want the choice to make their ceremony uniquely personal. This is where a celebrant led wedding ceremony comes into its own. A wedding celebrant will work with a couple to help them incorporate all the elements they want into the ceremony to tell their individual love story. Planning this part of their wedding day can be an exciting, fun, and joyful experience.

So, when you sit down together to make a list of all the things you need to do to plan your wedding why not include “investigate a wedding celebrant ceremony”? I would be very happy to have a preliminary no obligation chat. So please contact me.

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